Whether you believe in a spiritual world or adhere to a strictly secular world-view, whether you consider yourself superstitious or firmly rational, we can all agree that the number 7 holds a special place in the hearts and minds of most gamblers.

Why? There are, after all, seven days in a week, seven colors to a rainbow, seven wonders of the ancient world, seven wonders of the modern world, seven gifts of the holy spirit, seven deadly sins, seven digits in a phone number, etc.

Almost everything around us has a connection to the number 7. Millions of people believe in Lucky Number 7. And many Eastern and Western religious traditions hold the number 7 in high regard.

7 is also the most common answer when people are asked to name a number. 

But why is 7 considered such a significant number?

From a numerical standpoint, 7 is the sum of 4 and 3, both of which hold religious and spiritual significance on their own.

The number 7 has long been associated with the energy of thought, spirituality, consciousness, and psyche. The concepts of wisdom, intellect, learning, and meditation are also intricately tied to number 7.

Aristotle, the ancient philosopher and scientist claimed that the human body underwent a full transformation every 7 years; which led him to speculate that human perfection was achieved on a person's 49th birthday or 7 times 7 years.

Numerologists believe that the number 7 has special characteristics that give it the powers that can alter the subconscious mind, human behavior, and even basic human nature.

On a more practical front, the number 7 has long been considered a gambler’s lucky number and is often thought to be connected to a sort of magnetism that leads to increased chances of winning.

There is no current scientific consensus as to why the number 7 is considered so important. However, being the betting man that I am, I will not argue with thousands of years of spiritual tradition. 

The number 7 continues to be my lucky number.

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