Head to Cornerstone Park in Henderson to enjoy a peaceful day outside.
Photo taken by Lauren Hyde

Cornerstone Park is located right off of the 215 freeway on Stephanie Street. It has a huge pond in the center full of ducks, geese, and other wildlife. There are volleyball and basketball courts, walking and running trails, large grass areas, and picnic tables. It’s a great place to exercise, relax, or explore. There’s something for everyone.

Even though it’s right in the middle of neighborhoods and shopping centers, it’s quite peaceful. Since the park sits in a lower level valley, the trails vary from up to downhill and remain flat in some areas, making it ideal for walking and running. There’s also a large concrete area with several levels of stairs if you decide that you want to get a workout in too. 

It’s fun to find a picnic table along the lawn and watch the flocks of geese. There’s no need to be scared of them; they aren’t territorial. They migrate from the grass to the pond and back. You might even see some fluffy baby geese running around this time of year! And if you’re lucky, watching them fly in a “v” pattern and make a perfect landing is a pretty amazing sight. 

Photos taken by Lauren Hyde

This beautiful park is huge, providing plenty of space for numerous activities without feeling overly crowded. You’ll be able to enjoy the views from wherever you are. It’s a pretty unique spot in the middle of the city. Escape to Cornerstone Park for an hour or two the next time you need some fresh air. 

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