The Las Vegas Raiders are set to meet the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend

The 6-3 Las Vegas Raiders are set to take on the 8-1 Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday, and you have to wonder- will Sin city can defeat their rivals for a second time this year?  It might not be as easy to do the second time around. 

In fact, with the Chiefs having time to learn from their mistakes and now on a four-game winning streak, it might be hard for the Raiders to slow that kind of momentum down. Furthermore, they only won 40-32 in their last meeting, which could easily go the other way if the Raiders become unproductive during the game. 

Keep in mind that although the Raiders defeated the Denver Broncos last week, Derek Carr didn’t manage a single touchdown during that game.  Of course, he didn’t throw an interception either, but he can’t afford to have that kind of inconsistency against the Chiefs. If that does end up happening though, expect it to be a blowout in the Chiefs' favor. 

With that being said, Kansas City is currently listed as the favorite to win with –270 on the money line. The Raiders are listed as +220 and will probably need a miracle to win on Sunday.  As for the spread, Kansas City is listed as 6.5 favorites, and the over/under for the game is currently listed at 56.5. The final dagger in the heart is the fact that 89% of gamblers are betting on the Chiefs, which means not a lot of people have faith in the Raiders right now. 

In the end, don’t bet on lightning striking twice. The Raiders likely caught the Kansas City Chiefs by surprise last time and are going to run into a lot more trouble this time around. Not only is that evident by Carr’s aforementioned problems with efficiency, but also due to the fact that Las Vegas has a laundry list of injured players right now. 


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