If you're arriving in Las Vegas via the McCarran International Airport, the airport opens up its hospitality to give you a warm welcome. Imagine top-notch watering holes and eateries. This airport is never short of amazing places where you can eat or have a nice drink. Check out the following spots at each terminal:

1. At Terminal 1, Gate A

At Terminal 1, Gate A

       The B Lounge

The B lounge is a Budweiser-owned bar that serves you with their selection of quality drinks. You get to enjoy a nice beer on draft or enjoy a snack if you want something to eat. The spot is a cool establishment if you have a game to catch on the big screen as you enjoy your beer.

·        Stella Artois Bar

Stella Artois Bar is a small bar between gate A 10and A 15 with a Stella on tap drinks selections. If you want a quick bite, the spot neighbors a Moe’s Southwest Grill and cheesesteak shop. 

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